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                                                                  Sos fs waermepflaster f
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                                                                  SOS Wärme-Pflaster

                                                                  6.95 €
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                                                                  Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
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                                                                  SOS Wärme-Pflaster


                                                                  SOS Heat Patch
                                                                  for pain relief in muscle and joint pain

                                                                  Painless to remove

                                                                  • Relaxes tight muscles and releases tension
                                                                  • Therapeutic, evenly distributed deep heat
                                                                  • Self activating, skin-friendly patch
                                                                  • 8 hours of effective heat relieve pain for up to 16 hours*

                                                                  8 hours of heat
                                                                  16 hours of pain relief

                                                                  2 patches 13 x 9.5 cm

                                                                  SOS Heat Patches provide pleasant and well tolerated heat that effectively relieves pain and relaxes tight and aching muscles. The pleasant warming effect can also alleviate joint pain and stiffness. The heat patches consist of a breathable, soft and particularly skin-friendly material. The mixture of activated charcoal and iron powder contained in the patches heats up on contact with oxygen provides pleasant, gentle, natural and evenly distributed heat for at least 8 hours without irritating the skin. The patches can be easily removed from the skin again after use.

                                                                  * The effective deep heat of this heat patch lasts for 8 hours.
                                                                  After the pain has been relieved, the effect can persist for a further 8 hours – for up to 16 hours of pain relief.

                                                                  The skin at the application site must be clean and dry. Open the sachet by hand (do not cut) and remove the heat patch. Peel off the protective film on the back of the heat patch and apply the adhesive side of the heat patch to the skin over the painful area. Remove the heat patch slowly after use.

                                                                  The heat patch will heat up slowly and will reach its maximum temperature within around 30 minutes. The heat patch is activated by air – therefore the sachet should not be opened until the heat patch is needed.

                                                                  If used incorrectly the heat patches may cause burns, even at a low temperature. To reduce the risk of burns:
                                                                  • Allow air to circulate around the heat patch and do not apply any pressure to the patch.
                                                                  • If the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot, stop using the patch immediately.
                                                                  • Do not use while sleeping.

                                                                  Ingredients of the heat patch:
                                                                  Iron, activated charcoal and water

                                                                  Information for allergy sufferers:
                                                                  May contain traces of latex.

                                                                  Follow all the instructions and contraindications in the enclosed package leaflet and check the application site regularly.

                                                                  Contents: 2 pieces 13 x 9.5 cm


                                                                  Weight 0.1 kg
                                                                  Size cm
                                                                  EAN 4036581526178
                                                                  Tripidi 2993307