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                                                                  Sos lippenherpes gel f 03 01
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                                                                  SOS Lippenherpes-Gel

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                                                                  SOS Lippenherpes-Gel


                                                                  SOS Cold Sore Gel
                                                                  Medical device

                                                                  What SOS Cold Sore Gel is used for
                                                                  SOS Cold Sore Gel is applied externally

                                                                  • to relieve burning and itching in cold sores on the lips (herpes labialis/oral herpes)
                                                                  • to aid the healing process

                                                                  Dosage instructions, method and duration of use:
                                                                  When, how often and for how long SOS Cold Sore Gel is used
                                                                  Children and adults: on the first signs, apply SOS Cold Sore Gel up to 5 times daily, as required, to the affected areas of skin until the blisters have completely healed. Consult a doctor if treatment is unsuccessful after a maximum of 10 days.

                                                                  How to use SOS Cold Sore Gel
                                                                  Apply SOS Cold Sore Gel to a commercially available cotton bud or the clean fingertip and dab the affected areas of skin carefully.

                                                                  Instruction for use:
                                                                  For hygienic reasons and in order to prevent further infections, hands should be cleaned thoroughly before and after application. Each tube should be used by one person only. It is recommended to wipe the tube opening after use. Please twist the cap back on the tube after use.

                                                                  Side effects:
                                                                  No side effects are known.

                                                                  Interactions with other medicines:
                                                                  No interactions are known.

                                                                  When should SOS Cold Sore Gel not be used
                                                                  No contraindications are known.
                                                                  Please do not use the product if you are known to be hypersensitive to one of the ingredients.

                                                                  Instructions and information on the shelf-life of the medical device:
                                                                  SOS Cold Sore Gel must not be used after the expiry date stated on the tube and carton. Do not use SOS Cold Sore Gel for more than 6 months after opening. Please do not store SOS Cold Sore Gel above 25 °C and please protect SOS Cold Sore Gel from frost. SOS Cold Sore Gel should be kept out of the sight and reach of children!

                                                                  What SOS Cold Sore Gel contains
                                                                  Active substance: 5 g SOS Cold Sore Gel contains 4.7 g silicic acid gel (silica gel).

                                                                  Other ingredients: hydrolite (pentylene glycol), carrageenan, α-bisabolol, potassium sorbic, citric acid solution.

                                                                  Presentation and contents:
                                                                  Tube with 5 g gel for external use.

                                                                  Please read the package leaflet

                                                                  What you need to know about cold sores:
                                                                  Infection with the herpes virus is one of the most common viral diseases in man: about 90% of the population are carriers of the virus. Cold sores actually develop in about 20% of infections. Herpes pathogens can be constantly reactivated by various triggers, such as fever, high UV radiation or stress. However, transmission by other people can cause herpes. Tingling, burning and itching are often the first signs of oral herpes before the herpes blisters develop. The oozing blisters itch and are highly infectious. What is important in treatment is specifically to dry out the blisters and thus to prevent the infectious secretion from spreading. Silica gel supports the specific drying of the blisters because the extremely high binding capacity of the purely mineral silica gel ensures specific drying of the cold sore that has already formed and thus promotes healing. Cold Sore Gel should be used on the first signs of tingling.

                                                                  SOS Cold Sore Gel
                                                                  The active substance of SOS Cold Sore Gel is silica gel (silicic acid gel), a combination of the mineral silicon with oxygen and water. The special property of silica gel, apart from the relief of burning and itching, is its extremely high binding capacity for wound secretions. The secretion from the cold sore blister is thus bound naturally - the blisters are dried out specifically. As a result, the spread of the virus is inhibited and the healing process accelerated. After the gel has dried, a whitish surface can develop. This is a sign that the herpes blister has dried out.

                                                                  Tips for prevention and protection:

                                                                  • A healthy lifestyle with a varied diet, sport and sufficient sleep strengthens the body’s defence system.
                                                                  • In strong sunlight, use sun cream with a high sun protection factor.
                                                                  • Oral herpes can be transmitted to other parts of the body and is also highly contagious for other people.
                                                                  • Do not scratch the blisters.
                                                                  • Do not share anything that can come into contact with the lips (e.g. cup, handkerchiefs, etc.) with others.
                                                                  • Do not kiss or cuddle babies.

                                                                  Made in Germany


                                                                  Weight 0.1 kg
                                                                  Size cm
                                                                  EAN 4036581526253
                                                                  Tripidi 2993304