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    • 25229 madras 21 mp
    • Madras milieu 21cm   2
    25229 madras 21 mp
    25229 madras 21 mp

    Peugeot 21 cm MADRAS Pepper choc

    64.90 €
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    Peugeot 21 cm MADRAS Pepper choc

    64.90 €
    EU:   VAT 19.0% - 10.36 € included
    Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
    At most 6 per order

    Peugeot 21 cm MADRAS Pepper choc


    Madras plays on the chic association of tinted wood and stainless steel, incorporating an innovation worthy of the latest generation - the removal of the central shaft. This system that is invisible on this model and yet so essential in use, enables the reservoir to be filled much more easily. It is accessed via the magnetised stopper at the top of the mill.
    Peugeot innovation: u'select the perfect degree of grind

    Patented grind control system for electric and manual grinders.

    u’Select : A great innovation When it comes to salt and pepper, everyone has their own preferences in adjusting the seasoning in their food. Peugeot now offers this facility with its patented u'Select system, which has several pre-selectable grind settings.

    From coarsely ground pepper or salt to the very fine, u'Select offers pre-set adjustments:

    •6 pre-defined levels of grind for pepper. •6 pre-defined levels of grind for salt.

    Simplicity: just turn the ring at the base of the mill and select one of the positions, each one corresponds to a consistent grind size. The further you turn the ring, the finer or coarser the grind, depending on the direction turned.

    Precision: no risk that the grind will change during use.

    The right grind : You are assured the grind will be the perfect match for each dish.


    Weight 0.31 kg
    Size cm
    EAN 4006950025229
    Tripidi 2603313