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    Soap pouch
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    Hydrophil Soap pouch

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    Hydrophil Soap pouch


    Your soap-remains-saver - made of 100 % sisal - biodegradable - plastic-free - washable at 30°C

    This modest little thing can do more than you would assume at first sight! It provides a cozy home for your soap bar and keeps all those little soap remainders together that tend to slip through your hands and down the drain. It's ideal for use in the shower, too. The combination of soap bar and soap pouch creates a superb foam, while the textured surface will peel away dead skin cells, making your skin shine with radiance.

    The bag is made of sisal. Sisal is a completely natural, regrowing resource. Thus the soap pouch is fully biodegradable. Sisal fibres can also be found in ropes, carpets and so on.

    Just put your solid soap in the soap bag and start the body care. Use it for washing your hands, bathing or showering - as you like. If you'd like to wash your soap pouch every once in a while, go for it! Its simple: just take out the soap and wash it at 30 degrees.

    100% sisal (biodegradable)

    Like all HYDROPHIL products, HYDROPHIL soap bag is of course waterneutral, vegan & fair.


    Weight 0.02 kg
    Size cm
    EAN 4260397791264
    Tripidi 601117