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    Zb 2018 kids rot 02
    Zb 2018 kids rot 02

    Hydrophil Childrens' Toothbrush red extra soft

    3.90 €
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    Hydrophil Childrens' Toothbrush red extra soft

    3.90 €
    EU:   VAT 19.0% - 0.62 € included
    Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
    At most 6 per order

    Hydrophil Childrens' Toothbrush red extra soft


    Red, red, red are all your colours because your child is an environmentalist! With our sustainable toothbrush for children, your kids will be twice as active: they protect their teeth and help our environment by avoiding plastic. The brush is vegan, the bristles made from renewable resources are BPA-free and the bamboo handle is biodegradable.

    The extra soft bristles of HYDROPHIL sustainable children's toothbrush are ideal for sensitive gums, even when the little ones brush a little harder. And, of course, it also has excellent cleaning properties. Due to the size of the brush head, the sustainable toothbrushes are suitable for children from 3 years on.

    Raw materials
    The handle is made of fast-growing Moso bamboo which is biodegradable. During its two-year growth phase, Moso bamboo reaches a height of up to 20 metres. Artificial irrigation is not used in our bamboo cultivation, nor are pesticides or other chemicals.

    The biobased bristles are obtained from castor oil. The oil obtained from the plant is processed into organic nylon and is free of BPA and petroleum.

    The solvent-free coloured lacquers of the natural colour manufacturer AURO, which are used to colour the handles, are also consistently ecological.

    For the sake of the environment, packed plastic-free in beautiful recycled cardboard.


    Weight 0.02 kg
    Size cm
    EAN 4260397790397
    Tripidi 601106