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                                                                        • Make my day box front
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                                                                        Make my day box front
                                                                        Make my day box front

                                                                        FOREO UFO Mask Make My Day x 7

                                                                        9.99 €
                                                                        Image placeholder

                                                                        FOREO UFO Mask Make My Day x 7

                                                                        9.99 €
                                                                        EU:   VAT 16.0% - 1.38 € included
                                                                        Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included

                                                                        Temporarily sold out

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                                                                        FOREO UFO Mask Make My Day x 7


                                                                        Anti-Pollution & Hydrating Facial Treatment

                                                                        This luxurious red algae and hyaluronic acid face mask is just what your skin needs to start the day. Until now, masking in the morning just wasn’t feasible. But this 90-second UFO facial treatment leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated, protected and ready for anything!

                                                                        • Instantly infuses moisture into the skin, giving it the perfect amount of hydration. • Energizes skin for a refreshed complexion and healthy glow.
                                                                        • Protects skin from harmful free-radicals with an anti pollution barrier.

                                                                        INSPIRED BY KOREAN SKINCARE
                                                                        For the best in skincare, the world looks to Korea - the birthplace of the sheet mask, and the epicenter of K-Beauty. That’s why we enlisted the help of top Korean skincare experts to develop and formulate UFO Activated Masks. Made of plush, ultra-fine microfiber, they glide effortlessly across the skin delivering the premium ingredients your skin needs.

                                                                        HYALURONIC ACID
                                                                        With the ability to hold up to 1,000X its weight in moisture, this hydrating powerhouse will leave you with radiant, glowing skin.

                                                                        RED ALGAE
                                                                        Rich in antioxidants, red algae protects the skin from environmental pollutants to keep skin looking healthy.

                                                                        FORMULATED WITHOUT:
                                                                        Disodium EDTA
                                                                        Mineral Oil

                                                                        PREP 30 sec
                                                                        Thermo-Therapy and red LED light prep the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask essence.

                                                                        MOISTURIZE 30 sec
                                                                        After 30 seconds, T Sonic™ pulsations are added to the heat to facilitate absorption of the hydrating serum.

                                                                        PROTECT 30 sec
                                                                        As heat gradually decreases, the anti-pollution formula is locked into skin while green LED gives skin an instant boost of radiance for an all-day glow.


                                                                        Weight 0.05 kg
                                                                        Size cm
                                                                        EAN 7350092133814
                                                                        Tripidi 1523326