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                                                                            Fissler Adamant Comfort Pan 24 cm

                                                                            79.99 €
                                                                            Image placeholder

                                                                            Fissler Adamant Comfort Pan 24 cm

                                                                            79.99 €
                                                                            EU:   VAT 19.0% - 12.77 € included
                                                                            Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
                                                                            At most 2 per order

                                                                            Fissler Adamant Comfort Pan 24 cm


                                                                            Do you know that? There is a lot going on in the kitchen, the food is sizzling on the stove. You just want to turn the ingredients for a moment, then, lost in thought, reach for the metal cutlery - and your favorite pan gets an unattractive scratch. Annoying! To prevent this from happening again, Fissler has developed a scratch-resistant pan series in two versions: the adamant® comfort and the adamant® classic.

                                                                            The secret? An extremely robust seal with silicon carbide particles. These form a rough surface texture that is as hard as stone and even allows the use of metal kitchen utensils! The adamant® comfort has a very good non-stick effect and excellent thermal conductivity. So you can fry gently as well as crispy.

                                                                            The robust pan is characterized by its timeless design. Equipped with the cookstar® universal base, it is suitable for every type of stove including induction. Thanks to the high rim and the extra-large frying surface, several portions can be easily prepared and easily turned. The ergonomic safety handle provides support and protects against heat. The plug-in function for the premium quality glass lid provides additional convenience. Thanks to the integrated measuring scale, you can conveniently dose liquids.

                                                                            Part of the robust adamant® pan series is also the adamant® classic, which is characterized by easy handling and a timeless design.

                                                                            With a diameter of 24 cm, this model is ideal for two to three people. The adamant® comfort is also available in sizes 20 cm for one to two people and 28 cm for four people.
                                                                            The perfect addition to the adamant® classic and adamant® comfort is the clippix splash guard made of stainless steel, which can be inserted into the handle and ensures that hot fat or water does not spread out in an uncontrolled manner. Another practical accessory is the premium quality glass lid: the work surface remains clean and both hands are free for other tasks.

                                                                            Technical specifications:
                                                                            Dimensions (LxWxH) 440 x 250 x 100 mm
                                                                            Packaging dimensions 445 mm x 255 mm x 100 mm
                                                                            Capacity 2.1 l
                                                                            Material aluminum
                                                                            Diameter 24 cm
                                                                            Manufacturing country Germany
                                                                            Product type frying pan


                                                                            Weight 1.18 kg
                                                                            Size cm
                                                                            EAN 4009209367613
                                                                            Tripidi 1508919