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                                                                  Doppelherz augentropfen extra
                                                                  Doppelherz augentropfen extra

                                                                  Doppelherz Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra, 10ml

                                                                  8.90 €
                                                                  Image placeholder

                                                                  Doppelherz Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra, 10ml

                                                                  8.90 €
                                                                  EU:   VAT 19.0% - 1.42 € included
                                                                  Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included

                                                                  Temporarily sold out

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                                                                  Doppelherz Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra, 10ml


                                                                  Hyaluron - Soothing effect on dry eyes

                                                                  Every day we face many challenges: heating air, air condition, screen work, cigarette smoke, UV exposure or contact lenses can damage our eye health. An unpleasant dryness or foreign body sensation with irritated or watery eyes therefore know many people.

                                                                  Longer moisture due to cross-linked hyaluronic acid

                                                                  Double Heart Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra are sterile eye drops based on a patented technology of cross-linked hyaluronic acid with urea. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid can provide water over a longer period of time, promoting the moisturizing effect. This provides a stronger and longer-lasting moisturizing effect in case of dryness, irritation and tiredness of the eyes.

                                                                  The formula is designed to provide maximum comfort right after the application. The double heart eye drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra are suitable for daily use, day and night. For permanent, long-lasting moistening of the eyes.

                                                                  Double Heart Active Eye Drop Hyaluron 0.4% Extra:

                                                                  Crosslinked hyaluronic acid with urea can provide water over a longer period of time, prolonging the moisturizing effect of dryness, irritation and eye fatigue Maximum comfort right after the application
                                                                  Increase the lubricity on the eye surface
                                                                  Suitable for daily use, day and night
                                                                  Long-lasting moistening of the eyes
                                                                  Suitable for contact lens wearers
                                                                  Without preservatives thanks to special dosing system
                                                                  Durable for 3 months
                                                                  Suitable for permanent users

                                                                  Dual Heart Eye Drops Hyaluron 0.4% Extra provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect for symptom-free and relaxed eyes through cross-linked hyaluronic acid.


                                                                  Weight 0.01 kg
                                                                  Size cm
                                                                  EAN 4009932003901
                                                                  Tripidi 3068305