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                                                                                Coconut body oil
                                                                                Coconut body oil

                                                                                Coco Baba Body Oil Scrub 175ml

                                                                                24.99 €
                                                                                Image placeholder

                                                                                Coco Baba Body Oil Scrub 175ml

                                                                                24.99 €
                                                                                EU:   VAT 19.0% - 3.99 € included
                                                                                Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
                                                                                At most 6 per order

                                                                                Coco Baba Body Oil Scrub 175ml


                                                                                The CocoBaba Coconut Oil Scrub gently exfoliates the body while providing the skin with long-lasting moisture, preventing itching due to dry skin.

                                                                                x000D Anti-stretch mark formula based on natural coconut oil

                                                                                x000D Naturally exfoliates dry, flakey skin
                                                                                x000D Leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized
                                                                                x000D Prepares skin for optimal absorption
                                                                                x000D Light, signature scent
                                                                                x000D Naturally Scented

                                                                                x000D How to Feel Mothered
                                                                                x000D While bathing or showering, scoop desired amount into your palm and massage liberally over damp belly, boobs, bum and anywhere your body needs moisturizing exfoliation. Rinse, towel dry and follow with Coconut Body Butter or Coconut Body Oil.

                                                                                x000D THE BRAND

                                                                                x000D CocoBaba is geared towards moms-to-be and women searching for safe effective products for their changing bodies. CocoBaba products are based on organic certified coconut oil, 100% vegan, while using all NON-GMO ingredients. Coconut oil is an active ingredient that’s healing and soothing effects have proved itself at every opportunity as a natural all-rounder.

                                                                                x000D CocoBaba products are based on active and natural ingredients.

                                                                                x000D CocoBaba is a sustainable and effective skincare line that would help skin oils and collagen with all-natural ingredients. Infused with a light fragrance, CocoBaba pampers the skin with only nature’s x000D perfect ingredients.

                                                                                x000D The blend of our ingredients becomes an effective anti-stretch formula to help defend our beauty against environmental exposure and age-related loss of elasticity and collagen.

                                                                                x000D The brand was launched in September 2016 by Emma Heming Willis on the german market.


                                                                                Weight 0.4 kg
                                                                                Size cm
                                                                                EAN 648038944691
                                                                                Tripidi 601002