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                                                                      Ba hyaluron maske
                                                                      Ba hyaluron maske

                                                                      BA Hyaluron Maske PhytoCellTec

                                                                      3.95 €
                                                                      Image placeholder

                                                                      BA Hyaluron Maske PhytoCellTec

                                                                      3.95 €
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                                                                      Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
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                                                                      BA Hyaluron Maske PhytoCellTec


                                                                      Bodyguardpharm Hyaluron Fleece Mask PhytoCellTec Osilift

                                                                      Immediate smoothing effect

                                                                      The thin and soft mask as a nutrient carrier could effectively enhance the replenishment effect for the skin and intensively improve the skin. Promoting the selfconditioning of the skin and then the skin shows out the most natural beauty side. Enhancing the protective barrier and effectively reducing fine lines wrinkles of the skin.


                                                                      After cleaning the skin, open the mask and gently attach the mask to the face, then gently press the flat film with your fingers. 15-20 minutes later, remove the mask and gently pat the face, so that the essence could be easier to be absorbed.

                                                                      Active ingredients:

                                                                      • PhytoCellTec™: the apple stem cells that extracted by Swiss high technology. By using the antioxidant capacity of plant’s stem cells as the ingredients for skin care, effectively protect and activate the skin’s stem cells and then slow down ageing process of skin. -Hyaluronsäure: moisturizing deeply the skin, smoothing effectively wrinkles and promoting the recovery of skin’s elastic.
                                                                      • OSILIFT®: 100% natural sugar DPHP, composed of oat extract with strong tension and solubility, which facilitates large interactions between lipid and sugar chains in the stratum corneum. By significant firming of the skin, bringing short-term and long-term anti-wrinkle effect.

                                                                      Main Ingredients:

                                                                      Water, phenoxyethanol, oat extract, lysophosphatidylin, kainan gum, octanoyl glycol, chlorobenzene glycerol, amylopectin, xanthan gum, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, spices, phytate, Maltitol, silica, ethylhexyl glycerol, linalool, PVP, alcohol, purslane extract, sodium benzoate, lactic acid.


                                                                      Weight 0.03 kg
                                                                      Size cm
                                                                      EAN 0714118698720
                                                                      Tripidi 3603504