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                                                                      • Amilera directliftingserum front 1
                                                                      • Foto von best1care
                                                                      Amilera directliftingserum front 1
                                                                      Amilera directliftingserum front 1

                                                                      Amilera Hyaluron Whitening Serum

                                                                      58.00 €
                                                                      Image placeholder

                                                                      Amilera Hyaluron Whitening Serum

                                                                      58.00 €
                                                                      EU:   VAT 19.0% - 9.26 € included
                                                                      Non-EU:   VAT 0% - 0.00 € included
                                                                      At most 10 per order

                                                                      Temporarily sold out

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                                                                      Amilera Hyaluron Whitening Serum


                                                                      EXCLUSIVELY FOR amilera®: High dermatological efficacy thanks to a unique combination of biotechnological active ingredients

                                                                      Anti-wrinkle protein with instant effect! Visible results in seconds!
                                                                      The intensive instant wrinkle treatment!
                                                                      Visible results in seconds!

                                                                      EFFECTIVE FORMULA – FOR IMMEDIATE VISIBLE WRINKLE REDUCTION
                                                                      1 Alternative to Botox – unique anti-wrinkle protein
                                                                      2 Impedes conductance of nerve signals, reducing face muscle activity and enhancing muscle relaxation 3 Firms your skin in seconds

                                                                      The active complex visibly restores your skin’s radiance and firmness. The fast-acting anti-wrinkle protein firms your skin in seconds. Your skin looks visibly firmer.

                                                                      INSTANT FIRMING SERUM FOR FACIAL WRINKLES
                                                                      · Just one drop restores a youthful appearance
                                                                      · Smooths wrinkles instantly – with no expensive injections and pain-free
                                                                      · Gives your skin a flawless appearance – instantly
                                                                      · Tube offers easy dose adjustment and hygienic application
                                                                      · The active complex visibly restores your skin’s radiance and firmness
                                                                      · Suitable for men and women
                                                                      · 10 ml tube

                                                                      Recommended by doctors and pharmacists. Clinically dermatologically tested with excellent results!

                                                                      HOW TO USE
                                                                      The pack contains a 10 ml tube and is specially designed for instant treatment. Apply a moisturiser before applying the serum. Using your ring finger, apply a small, rice grain-sized amount of Direct Lifting Serum around your eyes and mouth. This immediately forms a firming film on your skin. After use, continue with your usual skincare routine.

                                                                      Please use the recommended amount only, as otherwise the product may form a pale film. Ensure that the serum does not come into contact with your eyes.

                                                                      OUR QUALITY PROMISE
                                                                      Every amilera® care product is dermatologically tested to ensure the highest quality with no compromises.

                                                                      “amilera® has been clinically dermatologically tested with excellent results“
                                                                      Dr. med. Gerrit Schlippe
                                                                      Dermatology and Venereology Specialist


                                                                      Weight 0.05 kg
                                                                      Size cm
                                                                      EAN 4044518510060
                                                                      Tripidi 3603558